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Welcome to MobileNinja, Sherbrooke’s ultimate hideout for quick and certified repairs of your technological gadgets!

Time is precious, don’t waste yours. Most repairs are done within the day!


We repair nearly all brands of cell phones or tablets. All our repairs are done using superior quality parts that ensure reliability and durability. Contact us to get a free estimate for your repair.


Up to 60% off VS a brand new phone!

Our certified phones are tested with care and represent an eco-friendly choice.

Each has been meticulously inspected by our ninjas to ensure performance worthy of a new one. Why buy new when you can own a treasure at an affordable price? It’s both environmentally friendly and economical.


Contribute to a better future by finding your soulmate! ♥

100 Day

Our 100 day warranty gives you peace of mind when it comes to repairing your device.

Ninja Way

We empower our customers to keep their device, meaning less garbage for mother earth.

Our Priority

Since 2015, we ensure fast, secure, and private service. Data and device safety are guaranteed!

MobileNinja Sherbrooke

At MobileNinja, we are not just a repair team; we are your allies in keeping your gadgets in working condition. Trust our dedicated team for personalized solutions and exceptional service.


 Since 2015, MobileNinja has been synonymous with integrity, innovation, and excellence. We are the experts in cell phone repair and have a vast inventory of phones online. As shopping on the Internet is too often synonymous with scams, we aim to offer a reliable, secure, and legitimate alternative. All our used phones are certified, come with a 100-day warranty, and are affordable!


Discover why MobileNinja is the number one choice in Sherbrooke for electronic device repair and purchase. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and commitment to your satisfaction.


We buy your old devices.

Your old devices deserve better than collecting dust in your drawers. At MobileNinja, we give them a second chance! Bring us your abandoned phones, and we’ll buy them from you. Free up space, earn money, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Repairs by Experts

At MobileNinja, we understand that your phone, tablet, or gaming console are essential allies in your daily life. Our certified technicians, true masters of repair, are committed to providing fast and reliable service.

The Ninja Touch

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is as swift as a ninja’s strike. Proudly serving the Sherbrooke community and its surroundings with quick and effective repair solutions, we place each customer at the heart of our mission. At MobileNinja, service excellence is our art.


Send us your device for repair by mail, and we’ll fix it at ninja speed !

Micro Soldering Service

The electronic board of your devices contains several delicate components and parts that are often the cause of your breakages. Hence the importance of choosing a service of professional technicians trained in this type of micro-soldering.


Our MobileNinja technicians are the micro-soldering specialists in Sherbrooke and Estrie.


Whether it’s for motherboard repairs of tablets (iPad or other), smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, or other), or even your console (Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch), our certified technicians can help you.

What our customers say

La meilleure place en ville pour la réparation de cellulaires, tablettes et console de jeux! Des vrais experts qui connaissent très bien leurs affaires!
Suzanne Blais
Suzanne Blais
Service apprécié
Sarah Sundborg-Jolin
Sarah Sundborg-Jolin
Les personnes étaient très gentilles et compétentes.
Michel Fortin
Michel Fortin
Service ultra professionnel, bien expliqué et rapide
Nassim Sellami
Nassim Sellami
Excellent service et très efficace.
Recevables | La Fine bouche - TRAITEUR
Recevables | La Fine bouche - TRAITEUR
Service professionnel personnalisé, gentil et très aimable!
S Dallaire
S Dallaire
Super service et pas de cachette. On sais à quoi sans tenir avec eux. En plus les prix sont compétitifs.