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Kickass Work Environment

Flexible schedules, free MobileNinja apparel, video games during breaks, team incentives, and more! MobileNinja is proud to support its employees become experts in the tech field! If you like a casual work environment that feels like a second home, this is it!


Flexible Schedules

Busy class schedule or strict Dungeon & Dragons sessions? No problem! We offer flexible schedules to accommodate your busy life!

Experience Based Salary

We believe in rewarding people fairly and based on their contribution to the growth of the business!


Point system with monthly rewards for the most dedicated ninjas. At MobileNinja, we believe overachievers should reap the best loot!

Videogame Breaks

Because breaks should be fun, we provide retro gaming consoles for you to unwind to!

Team Activities

Whether it be to celebrate Christmas, Halloween or the store's birthday, we treat our ninjas with the best celebrations!

Employee Discounts

We offer discounts to our employees whether it be to purchase a new phone, trendy accessories or on repairs!

Spontaneous Application

No available jobs? Submit your resume nonetheless. We keep resumes for a period of 6 months.

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